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Baer, Gordon (photographer)

Baer, Gordon

Photographer Gordon Baer, a native of Louisville, has undertaken a wide variety of editorial, commercial and personal assignments, many in the Ohio River region, over his 40-year career. In 1965 a series of his photos was credited with influencing legislation intended to limit strip mining in Kentucky. His photo essay on Vietnam War veterans was turned into a book, Vietnam: The Battle Comes Home (Morgan & Morgan, 1984), and a photo he took of Pete Rose became the model for Andy Warhol’s lithograph of the former Cincinnati Reds baseball star.

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Belofsky, Earl (photographer)

Belofsky, Earl

Photographer Earl Belofsky has been taking black-and-white photos of people since he was a teenager living in Oak Park, Illinois; his first photo published by a major newspaper appeared in the Chicago Tribune in 1943. Currently based outside Seattle, Belofsky specializes in social documentary projects. Past subjects include children hospitalized with respiratory diseases in Denver; low-income familes who migrated from the South and settled in and around Chicago; and Silicon Valley’s dot-com culture.

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Bentham, John (photographer)

Bentham, John

New York City–based photographer John Bentham specializes in documentary projects and portraiture; subjects of his portraits include Seal, Uma Thurman, Harrison Ford, Kurt Vonnegut and Evel Knievel. Two long-term personal projects have led to privately printed photo books: one documenting the annual bikers’ rally in Daytona Beach, Florida, and the other focusing on members of an underground NYC sex club partying at, well, underground locations. Samples may be viewed at www.johnbentham.com.

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Blackshear, Lisa (illustrator)

Blackshear, Lisa

PROOF contributing artist Lisa Blackshear is a commercial artist and children's book illustrator. Her work has appeared in Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Nation, among other publications.

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Boyd, Thomas (photographer)

Boyd, Thomas

Thomas Boyd served in the Marine Corps before beginning his career as a newspaper photographer in 1992. After a decade at The Register-Guard in Eugene, Oregon, Boyd joined The Oregonian (in Portland) in 2007. His photos have appeared in major newspapers and in such magazines as People, ESPN The Magazine, The Sporting News and Baseball Weekly.

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Briski, Zana (photographer)

Briski, Zana

London-born Zana Briski has produced photo stories in Baltimore, Haiti, Morocco and India as well as New York City, where she now lives. She has been documenting Calcutta’s red-light district intermittently since 1995. In conjunction with the Calcutta project she has organized a series of photography classes for children of the city’s prostitutes; photos taken by these kids will be featured in Amnesty International’s 2003 calendar.

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Wood, Peter (writer)

Campbell, James T.

James T. Campbell, a professor of American civilization and Africana studies at Brown University, began his professional writing career as a sports reporter at the Anchorage Daily News. His latest book, Middle Passages: African American Journeys to Africa, 1787–2005 (Penguin, New York, 2006), was a finalist for the 2007 Pulitzer Prize in history.

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Cavalie, Cyril (photographer)

Cavalié, Cyril

Cyril Cavalié is a French photojournalist based in Paris. A member of the international photographers’ collective Luna, he specializes in social documentary and politics. His photographic report on chess-boxing, a hybrid sport inspired by Enki Bilal’s 1992 futuristic graphic novel, Froid-Equateur [Cold Equator], was featured in a photo exhibition in Nantes in 2006 and was remounted on the walls of a Paris café in April 2007.

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Diani, Stephanie (photographer)

Diani, Stephanie

Stephanie Diani is a Los Angeles–based photojournalist whose personal projects have focused on a range of social documentary subjects in southern California, where she grew up. Her freelance work appears regularly in The New York Times, The Washington Post, People magazine and the Chicago Tribune. A website, www.stephaniediani.com, is under development.

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Dry, Richard (writer)

Dry, Richard

Richard Dry is a novelist and writing professor in the San Francisco Bay area. His debut novel, Leaving, will be published by St. Martin’s Press this spring.

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Durham, Gregory (writer)

Durham, Gregory

Gregory Durham’s stories have appeared in Northwest Review, North Atlantic Review and elsewhere. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, and Austin, Texas.

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Eichenwald, Wes (writer)

Eichenwald, Wes

Freelance journalist Wes Eichenwald, a native of Queens, New York, has been reporting on southeastern Europe for various publications since he moved to Ljubljana in 1996. From 1985 to 1987 he edited and published four issue of Boston-based ’zine X It Out. His latest publishing efforts are on display at www.pogoer.org.

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Enxuto, John (writer)

Enxuto, John

John Enxuto is a New York–based photographer and educator. He teaches hands-on classes in digital photography and documentary photography and lectures on the history of photography.

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Finkle, Harvey (photographer)

Finkle, Harvey

Harvey Finkle is a Philadelphia-based photographer specializing in social, political and cultural documentary projects. His series of photos depicting ten families of immigrants from various countries that have settled in Philadelphia during the past two decades is due to be exhibited at Philadelphia’s Free Public Library from January through April 2003. Other work is on view at www.harveyfinkle.com.

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Fury, Jeanne (writer)

Fury, Jeanne

Jeanne Fury, a columnist for NYROCK.com, was born and bred in the suburbs of New Jersey.

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Glasgow, Dale (illustrator)

Glasgow, Dale

Dale Glasgow lives with his wife and five daughters on a farm in Hartwood, Virginia. His art has appeared in National Geographic magazine, USA Today and many Fortune 500 companies’ publications.

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Goldfield, Danny (photographer)

Goldfield, Danny

Based in Brooklyn, New York, photographer Danny Goldfield is the founder of NYChildren, an ongoing project that seeks to photograph, from among New York City’s 8 million residents, one child from every country on Earth. Goldfield’s photos have been shown at various New York galleries and restaurants, and may be viewed at www.nychildren.org.

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Greenspun, Philip (writer)

Greenspun, Philip

Philip Greenspun started photo.net, a photo enthusiasts’ website, as his personal homepage in 1993. He has been teaching at what he describes as the “finest engineering school in East Cambridge” (also known as the Masachusetts Institute of Technology) since 1991.

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Gundersheimer, Ben (photographer)

Gundersheimer, Ben

Ben Gundersheimer is a New York City–based photographer and musician. A specialist in fine art as well as street photography, he is represented by the Photo District Gallery in New York. He is also an acclaimed singer ⁄ songwriter ⁄ guitarist and producer, known in the music business as Ben Swift. A selection of his images and songs can be found at www.benswift.net.

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Hafner, Genevieve (photographer)

Hafner, Genevieve

Genevieve Hafner is a French-born photographer based in New York City. Her colorful photos of her adopted city are the basis of a series of postcards sold in New York–area bookstores and souvenir shops under the imprint Concrete Jungle.

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Hamilton, Kelly (photographer)

Hamilton, Kelly

Kelly Hamilton is a Boston-based freelance photographer focusing on editorial and personal documentary work. Inspired by the HBO show Six Feet Under as well as by the drawn-out wakes and funerals she experienced growing up in an Irish-Catholic household, she is currently shooting behind the scenes at funeral homes; a sample of this and other portfolios can be viewed at www.kellyhamilton.com.

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Herman, Michele (writer)

Herman, Michele

Michele Herman writes fiction, essays and feature articles, and teaches fiction. She lives in New York City’s Greenwich Village with her husband and two sons.

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Hess, Béatrice (writer)

Hess, Béatrice

French para-athlete Béatrice Hess has won medals at numerous international swimming competitions, including the 1988 Seoul Paralympics Games (one gold, one silver), the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games (six golds, one silver) and the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games (seven golds).

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Holm, Mark (photographer)

Holm, Mark

Mark Holm spent 16 years at the Albuquerque Journal before leaving in 2001. He is now director of photography at The Albuquerque Tribune.

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Holt, Douglas (photographer)

Holt, Douglas

Douglas Holt, a PROOF contributing photographer, works in fashion and commercial still-life photography to finance his travel and photojournalism projects.

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Jensen, Jennifer (writer)

Jensen, Jennifer

Jennifer Jensen is a reporter for The Villager, a weekly newspaper that covers lower Manhattan.

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Jerstad, Robin (photographer)

Jerstad, Robin

Robin Jerstad is staff photographer for the Indianapolis Business Journal. His images have appeared in Sports Illustrated and many other publications.

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Johnson, Lynn (photographer)

Johnson, Lynn

Lynn Johnson worked as a contract photographer for the Black Star photo agency before joining her current agency, Aurora, as a contributor. Her work has appeared in many of the “Day in the Life” books.

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Joukowsky III, Artemis (writer)

Joukowsky III, Artemis

Para-athlete Artemis Joukowky III is co-author with writer Larry Rothstein of Raising the Bar: New Horizons in Disability Sport (Umbrage Editions, 2002), a compendium of sports photos and personal essays by champion para-athletes (from which PROOF’s photo story “Leveling the Field” is excerpted). Joukowsky, who is currently training for the national championships in table tennis, is a Massachusetts-based venture capitalist.

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Kallick, David Dyssegaard (writer)

Kallick, David Dyssegaard

David Dyssegaard Kallick is senior fellow of the Fiscal Policy Institute, a think-tank based in New York City and the Albany area. Kallick is the principal author of Working for a Better Life: A Profile of Immigrants in the New York State Economy, recently published by the FPI and available at www.fiscalpolicy.org/immigration.html.

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Kannapell, Andrea (writer)

Kannapell, Andrea

Andrea Kannapell is an editor for the Week in Review section of The New York Times.

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Kashi, Ed (photographer)

Kashi, Ed

Photographer Ed Kashi and writer Julie Winokur, a husband-and-wife team, began documenting the lives of America’s aged in the mid-1990s and plan to produce a book and a traveling exhibition on the subject. Kashi has worked in over 50 countries producing photo essays on such diverse subjects as Northern Ireland’s Protestants, Jewish settlers in the West Bank and the Kurdish peoples of Turkey, Iraq and Iran. His photos have appeared in major magazines worldwide, including eight stories in National Geographic in the past decade.

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Kihn, Chae (photographer)

Kihn, Chae

Photographer Chae Kihn’s specialty in portraiture stems from her undergraduate studies in psychology and graduate studies in photography. Her career has encompassed shooting documentary images for a human-rights organization in South Africa and doing publicity stills for such commercial film productions as The Station Agent. She has been based in New York City since 2000.

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Kranz, Cindy (writer)

Kranz, Cindy

Cindy Kranz is a news reporter at the Cincinnati Enquirer and a freelance writer. She lives in Cincinnati.

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LaMarca, Christopher (photographer)

LaMarca, Christopher

In 2002 Christopher LaMarca completed the one-year certificate program in documentary photography and photojournalism at the International Center of Photography in New York City. He recently began work on a documentary film portraying some of the subjects of his PROOF photo story, “Pool Junkies”.

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LeCompte, Tom (writer)

LeCompte, Tom

Cambridge, Mass.–based writer Tom LeCompte specializes in pop culture, aviation and sports.

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Lowe, Paul (photographer)

Lowe, Paul

Paul Lowe became a photojournalist after studying modern history and politics at Cambridge University. He covered the civil war in Yugoslavia extensively.

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Loyseau, Benjamin (photographer)

Loyseau, Benjamin

Benjamin Loyseau lives in Paris when he’s between photojournalism assignments, which isn’t often. Two books featuring his photos on disabled athletes are in the works.

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McIntyre, Mark (writer)

McIntyre, Mark

Mark McIntyre lives in New York City, where he is court manager for the Riverside Clay Tennis Association. He is working on a book about British explorers Richard Burton, Henry Bates and Alfred Wallace and how they happened to spend Christmas 1857 at separate locations on the equator.

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Martel, Jay (writer)

Martel, Jay

Jay Martel writes plays when he isn’t writing about television (in Rolling Stone, GQ and Mother Jones) or for television (including TV Nation, Strangers with Candy and the recent VH1 movie Warning: Parental Advisory).

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Maximishin, Sergey (photographer)

Maximishin, Sergey

St. Petersburg–based Sergey Maximishin’s photos have been published in leading newspapers and magazines in both the West and his native Russia. Trained as an army photographer under the former Soviet regime in the late 1980s (including a two-year stint in Cuba), Maximishin returned to the field a decade later, working as a staff photographer for Izvestia from 1999 to 2003. He has been freelancing steadily since leaving the paper; a portfolio of stories is on view at www.maximishin.com.

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Menasche, Jacques (writer)

Menasche, Jacques

Jacques Menasche is a New York–based writer for Contact Press Images, a photo agency. He recently traveled to Afghanistan on assignment for Contact.

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Miliczenko, John (designer)

Miliczenko, John

John Miliczenko is a PROOF consultant, specializing in photo reproduction and graphic design.

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Newcomb, Don (illustrator)

Newcomb, Don

PROOF contributing artist Don Newcomb, a South Dakota native, teaches digital design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and other universities in New York City.

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Noble, Robin (writer)

Noble, Robin

Robin Noble, a New York City–based writer and photographer, is a contributing editor of this magazine. She received a New York State Council of the Arts grant for her ongoing project, with photographer Lynn Saville, Times Square: Reinventing the Fantasy.

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Packer, Ann (writer)

Packer, Ann

Ann Packer is the author of Mendocino and other Stories (Vintage) and a novel, The Dive from Clausen’s Pier (Vintage), from which “Opening” is excerpted.

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Palmer, Jane (writer)

Palmer, Jane

Jane Palmer writes fiction in a small pink room on the top floor of a converted safety goggles factory in Reading, Pennsylvania. Her short stories have been published in Descant and read aloud in Philadelphia and New York City.
  • “Cold Turkey” (Proof, Issue 3); fiction by Jane Palmer, photo by Chris Werner (Partners Design).

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Poovey, Mary (writer)

Poovey, Mary

Mary Poovey is a professor of English and director of the Institute for the History of the Production of Knowledge at New York University. She is also a special consultant to PROOF.

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Poyo Furlong, Annemarie (photographer)

Poyo Furlong, Annemarie

Annemarie Poyo Furlong was the official photographer on President Jimmy Carter’s 2002 trip to Cuba. Having recently moved with her husband from Atlanta to New York City, Poyo Furlong works as a freelance commercial photographer and calls portraiture a continuing passion. She prefers to shoot her documentary and editorial projects in black-and-white film.

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Pretty, Adam (photographer)

Pretty, Adam

Adam Pretty, who lives in Sydney, Australia, has been working for Getty Images since 1998. Before that he spent three years as a staff photographer on The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Rebours, Laurent (photographer)

Rebours, Laurent

Photojournalist Laurent Rebours covered the 1991 Gulf War for Associated Press.

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Rivera III, Angelo (photographer)

Rivera III, Angelo

Angelo Rivera III is a Bronx, New York–based photographer who divides his time between fashion assignments and personal documentary projects. His photos have appeared in Newsweek, DoubleTake, The Sun and Fotophile magazines.

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Gardner, Rob (illustrator)


Robare is the nom de plume of Rob Gardner, a New York–based cartoonist and visual artist whose commercial work includes holiday store-window decoration and T-shirts; for further info visit www.artrobare.com. He moonlights as a cabaret singer.

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Romney, Ann (writer)

Romney, Ann

American para-athlete Ann Romney is a member of the U.S. Dressage Federation and a reserve champion in equestrian/dressage (Region 5, 4th Level Adult Amateur).

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Roth, Thorsten (photographer)

Roth, Thorsten

Thorsten Roth is a fashion and beauty photographer in New York. His portraits of American jazz greats visiting Paris, where he was based in the 1990s, has been accepted for inclusion in the Smithsonian Institution’s archives. His series on boxers who train at Gleason’s Gym was featured in Everlast’s magazine last year. View his latest work at www.throth.com and at www.myspace.com/thorsten.roth.

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Rothstein, Larry (writer)

Rothstein, Larry

Writer Larry Rothstein is co-author with para-athlete Artemis Joukowsky III of Raising the Bar: New Horizons in Disability Sport (Umbrage Editions, 2002), a compendium of sports photos and personal essays by champion para-athletes (from which PROOF’s photo story “Leveling the Field” is excerpted). Rothstein, who lives in Massachusetts, has served as an editor of the Harvard Business Review and is co-author of such books as Minding the Body, Mending the Mind and You Are What You Say.

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Rusnak, Benjamin (photographer)

Rusnak, Benjamin

Benjamin Rusnak worked as a newspaper photographer before joining Food for the Poor, a Florida-based relief organization, as staff photographer in 2000. Samples of his photojournalism may be viewed at documentaryvision.com. A member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association, he lives with his wife in Boca Raton, Fla.

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Sanchez, Jamie (photographer)

Sanchez, Jamie

Jamie Sanchez is a location advertising photographer specializing in landscapes and environmental portraiture. He currently resides on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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Sands, Melissa (writer)

Sands, Melissa

Melissa Sands is a Brooklyn, N.Y.–based photographer and writer who devotes much of her blog (forkthis.blogspot.com) to her encounters with food. A selection of her food photography can be viewed at melissasands.com.

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Schulman, Bruce J. (writer/editor)

Schulman, Bruce J.

Bruce J. Schulman teaches history and American studies at Boston University and is the author of three books, including The Seventies (Free Press, 2001). He is a contributing writer and associate editor of PROOF.

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Shelley, Alexandra (writer)

Shelley, Alexandra

Alexandra Shelley is a New York–based book editor. A recipient of a Fulbright grant and the 1996 Katherine Anne Porter prize for short fiction, she has had stories published in the literary magazines Confrontation and Nimrod. She also teaches writing at the New School and is this magazine’s fiction editor.

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Silver, Margo (photographer)

Silver, Margo

Margo Silver has shot fashion spreads and rock concert stills for various clients. Her photos of downtown Manhattan will be included in “Why . . . . You? Me!”, a forthcoming group art show organized by urbanetc.com.

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Snow, Randy (writer)

Snow, Randy

American para-athlete Randy Snow has won medals in international competitions in a variety of sports, including track (1984 Stoke Mandeville Games), tennis (1992 Barcelona Paralympic Games) and basketball (1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games). He is a ten-time U.S. Open Wheelchair Tennis Champion.

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Squire, Jamie (photographer)

Squire, Jamie

Jamie Squire lives in Atlanta and specializes in sports photography. He has worked four Olympic Games and shot most of the U.S.’s major sporting events.

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Turkell, Michael Harlan (photographer)

Turkell, Michael Harlan

Michael Harlan Turkell is a freelance photographer who lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. Much of his work depicts the goings-on in some of the country’s best restaurant kitchens in a continuing series called “Back of the House”. To see more of his work, visit www.harlanturk.com.

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Wagner, John (illustrator)

Wagner, John

John Wagner spent three years drawing two detailed panoramas of Manhattan’s skyline prior to the 9/11 attacks. Each cityscape includes more than 3,000 buildings and can be viewed at www.grandscapes.biz. Wagner lives in Colorado.

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Welch, Nathaniel (photographer)

Welch, Nathaniel

New York City–based photographer Nathaniel Welch has been documenting college students on spring break across Florida since 1999 and hopes to turn the project into a book. His editorial work has been published in such magazines as Time, New York and Germany’s Stern, and his commercial assignments include various ads and album covers in the U.S. and overseas. A selection can be viewed at www.nathanielwelch.com.

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Williams, Ian (writer)

Williams, Ian

Ian Williams is the UN correspondent for The Nation and the author of The UN for Beginners (Writers & Readers Publishing, 1995).

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Wilz, Andrew (photographer)

Wilz, Andrew

Photographer, former World Cup snowboarder and semipro mountain-bike racer Andrew Wilz is based in Aspen, Colorado. He specializes in shooting locations, cars and winter sports.

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Winchell, Betsy (photographer)

Winchell, Betsy

Betsy Winchell moved to Southern California in 2004 to study photography at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. In 2007 Winchell began photographing American Muslim life on assignment for an L.A.–based Islamic affairs organization.

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Winokur, Julie (writer)

Winokur, Julie

Photographer Ed Kashi and writer Julie Winokur, a husband-and-wife team, began documenting the lives of America’s aged in the mid-1990s and plan to produce a book and a traveling exhibition on the subject. Winokur’s articles have appeared in Natural History, Audubon, Travel & Leisure and the Sunday magazines of The New York Times, the Seattle Times and the San Jose Mercury News, among others. She is co-editor, with Don Hazen, of We the Media: A Citizen’s Guide to Fighting for Media Democracy (New Press, 1997).

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Wolberger, Ofer (photographer)

Wolberger, Ofer

Ofer Wolberger is a New York–based photographer specializing in architectural assignments. He is also a PROOF contributing photographer.

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Wood, Peter (writer)

Wood, Peter

In 1971, at age 18, Peter Wood was a New York Golden Gloves midddleweight finalist, and in 1976 he was invited to represent the U.S. in the Maccabean Games in Tel Aviv; he retired instead and now teaches high school English in Westchester County, New York. His two memoirs, Confessions of a Fighter—Battling Through the Gloves and A Clenched Fist—The Making of a Golden Gloves Champion, were published in Feburary 2007 by Ringside Books.

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Zacks, Linda (illustrator)

Zacks, Linda

PROOF contributing artist Linda Zacks works in a variety of media, from print to canvas to digital. A selection of her fine art and commercial works can be viewed at www.extra-oomph.com.

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