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Contents: PROOF, Issue 2 (Winter 2003) / STILL LIFE section
STILL LIFE [Photo Stories]
Old Glory in New York. NYC street photography: Red, white & blue is the new black.
Photos by Ben Gundersheimer
21st-Century Cubans. Dateline Havana: Unofficial views from the official photographer on President Carter’s May 2002 delegation.
Photos and interviews by Annemarie Poyo
Contents: PROOF, Issue 2 (Winter 2003) / STILL LIFE section A Place Called CAN-DO. Report from the inner city: An after-school program in Cincinnati’s poorest and most crime-ridden neighborhood.
Photos by Gordon Baer
Captions by Cindy Kranz
Leveling the Field. Photo book excerpt: Champions of disability sports are depicted in action and in their own words.
Photos and essays from Raising the Bar by Artemis Joukowsky III and Larry Rothstein (Umbrage Editions)
Contents: PROOF, Issue 2 (Winter 2003) / STILL LIFE section Signs of Life. Insights from a 30-year photo study: Getting to know deaf culture.
Photos and text by Harvey Finkle
Pool Junkies. Hidden New York: Glimpses of some habitués of the city’s late-night pool circuit.
Photos and text by Christopher LaMarca
Contents: PROOF, Issue 2 (Winter 2003) / STILL LIFE section Up in the Old Hotel. Escape from the entertainment industry: A photographer explores another side of L.A.
Photos and interviews by Stephanie Diani
Thinking Outside the Box. Studio session: The company had one idea for photographing its New York sales team; the photographer had another.
Photos and narrative by Douglas Holt
Contents: PROOF, Issue 2 (Winter 2003) / FEATURE article
Was ‘The Battle of the Sexes’ Rigged? That ’70s show: The debate over one of the biggest TV events of all time.
By Tom LeCompte

Contents: PROOF, Issue 2 (Winter 2003) / FICTION section Acquired Characteristics. A short story: For Marj and Cecile, a good deliveryman is hard to find.
By Alexandra Shelley
Illustrations by Lisa Blackshear
Opening. Novel excerpt: A reception at a New York photo gallery, observed by two young refugees from the Midwest.
By Ann Packer; excerpted from her novel, The Dive from Clausen’s Pier (Knopf)
Illustrations by Don Newcomb
Contents: PROOF, Issue 2 (Winter 2003) / STILL LIFE section
TRUE VIEWS [Reviews & other arguments]
Funnier than Jesus? Late-night TV: Why Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect got canceled.
Essay by Jay Martel
Illustration by Linda Zacks
Contents: PROOF, Issue 2 (Winter 2003) / STILL LIFE section Who Knew? Broadway: For post-9/11 audiences the ancient fables retold in Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses are eerily resonant.
Review by Mary Poovey
Illustration by Linda Zacks
Call Me Lyndon. Books (nonfiction): In the latest installment of his LBJ biography, Robert Caro hunts a great white male, exhaustively.
Review by Bruce J. Schulman
Illustration by Linda Zacks
Contents: PROOF, Issue 2 (Winter 2003) / SNAP JUDGMENT department
SNAP JUDGMENT [Two pictures]
Taking Liberties. The back-page photo story: Two signs from post-9/11 New York.
Photos by Douglas Holt
Art direction by Patricia Barthe (bottom photo)
Contents: PROOF, Issue 2 (Winter 2003) / REGULARS
Masthead, Contact Sheet [classified news, notes & notices].
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