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A consumer’s guide
Leaping into the Dark

How to get the most out of your digital camera? First, put it away, then park yourself at a computer, where the tools of the “digital darkroom” beckon.

By John Enxuto

Illustration by Lisa Blackshear

Excerpt: The affordability of new cameras featuring high-resolution image sensors is only part of the allure of digital. The other part comes in the form of a desktop computer, a peripheral or two and specialized software: the digital darkroom. ¶Good images can often be teased out of mediocre camera results and good camera results can be further enhanced using the amazing software tools now available. The capabilities of a pro film lab, with its costly equipment and staff of experts, can now be matched by a desktop at home. Imaging secrets previously held closely among the professional ranks are now revealed in the digital darkroom. Yet moving beyond 35mm photography can be frightening, much like the feeling of tossing out compact discs once a music collection has been converted to MP3 files. The following overview of the digital darkroom covers what you need to know to smooth the transition to the realm of serious, pro-quality digital photography. . . .

About the writer: John Enxuto is a New York–based photographer and educator. He teaches hands-on classes in digital photography and documentary photography and lectures on the history of photography.


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