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sports issue special · A sports photographer’s diary
Shooting What’s HOT . . . and What’s NOT

We asked an Oregon sports photographer to document the differences between a big game on his beat and a little one.

Photos and narrative by Thomas Boyd

Excerpt: My hassles began when I arrived on a wintry Friday afternoon at a check-in desk inside Portland, Oregon’s Rose Garden arena to pick up my press credential for the evening’s event, a pro lacrosse game. The credential lacked a parking pass, and my car was illegally parked outside the arena at the time. Emily, the home team’s media relations person, who had promised me a credential with a parking pass, was nowhere to be found. Coping with this would cost me much of the next hour. But such screwups are practically expected by sports photographers; that’s one reason I had arrived at the arena at 4:45 p.m. for a game with a 7:00 p.m. start time. . . .

About the photographer-writer: Thomas Boyd has been a staff photographer for the The Register-Guard in Eugene, Oregon, since 1997. His photos have appeared in major newspapers and in such magazines as People, ESPN The Magazine, The Sporting News and Baseball Weekly.


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